Michelle Desmond, LICSW, MSW, MPH

​​​​​​Womens' Group (not currently meeting-to be announced)

A 6-week processing and skill-building therapy group for anyone who identifies as a women integrating the mind-body connection through mindfulness practices to encourage awareness, resilience and support. Each week we will focus on a part of the body affected by the recent socio-political climate and learn a new mindfulness skill to care for ourselves during this time, while understanding what triggers us and how to end they cycle of oppression towards women.

Sliding scale fee per group:

$40/1 session-just for you. This is the cost of the group.

$60/1 session-for you and another person to be able to join who struggles to pay for the group.

$20-for you if you experience financial hardship, your cost will be supplemented from others who can contribute a bit more. 

Please email me if you are interested in joining us: michelledesmondcounseling@gmail.com


​Cross-Cultural Group (not currently meeting)

Are there times when you feel like a social or cultural outsider? Do you struggle to find a place to belong, a way to fit in? Did you move to the United States from somewhere else to live, work or study? Have you recently returned from living in another country?

How can this group be helpful for me? 

  • ​Education
  • Support
  • Community of others who feel similar
  • Strategies for communication

Who is this group for? 

  • ​Adults over 18 years of age
  • ​People who identify primarily with a non-mainstream US culture or who come from outside the United States
  • Professionals
  • Foreign students
  • Returning ex-pats