Michelle Desmond, LICSW, MSW, MPH

I am offering virtual supervison appointments currently due to COVID-19.

I offer supervision for Associates pursuing licensure. My values are a supervisor: 

  • right/wrong is not a helpful dichatomy, but we work towards what is most helpful for the client to achieve their goals
  • You will make mistakes! mistakes are part of learning but learning only happens when you feel safe and appreciated
  • this work is hard and we will actively integrate ways to care for ourselves in our supervision meetings

My approach

I bring my whole self to supervision, meaning that I will identify myself and acknowledge the power and privilege in our relationship. In all our conversations, we will center in a strengths-based approach for ourselves and our clients. We will name the systems and structures that impact the way we move through the world and our society including racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, religious and ability discrimination. 

Other pieces that I believe in for our supervision: there is no right/wrong answer, we are discovering together what is the best path for each client; we are all mandated to identify our own areas of transference/countertransference to the best provider for our client; we will utilize resources outside the two of us in order to provide tailored recommendations for our clients.